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  • Smokers Report: E-Cigs Users feeling and being much healthier after switching

    Millions of people across the globe smoke forms of cigarettes. Traditional tobacco cigarettes emit smoke which is inhaled through the mouth and nose of smokers. This impacts the lungs of these individuals which often lead to the development of health issues such as lung cancer, asthma, emphysema and respiratory problems.

    Electronic cigarettes which are referred to as e-cigs are a new product that is a healthier smoking option for people. The way that an e-cig works is that it uses cartridges with nicotine in them to allow people to get vaporized nicotine. This eliminates the need for matches so that nothing is being burned. Burning of cigarettes is what hurts the lungs the most. The cigarettes have many harmful additives in them including arsenic, ammonia and formaldehyde. These additives are not in electronic cigarettes.


    Second hand smoke can also be a concern for smokers especially those who are around children. E-cigs only produce a little bit of water vapor so this is probably not a concern.
    A new study which was conducted on 1,000 smokers has found that using e-cigs actually allows smokers to become healthier. Many smokers suffer from smoker’s cough because of the constant exposure to smoke. 98% of people decided to use just e-cigs and 77% of people decide to only use electronic cigarettes and did not consider themselves smokers any more.

    People who smoke often turn to electronic cigarettes as a better alternative. Smokers are addicted to nicotine not the smoke which means that switching to e-cigs does not make them feel the withdrawal effects the way that stopping cigarettes entirely does.

    Click here to read the entire article: http://www.eexplor.org/smokers-report-e-cigs-users-feeling-and-being-much-healthier-after-switching/

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